The Pros and Cons of a Surrogacy Agency

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After a surrogate mom or set of intended parents have decided to embark on a surrogacy journey the next step is to search for a potential match. You have two options for finding a surrogacy match: either using a surrogacy agency, or searching for website.

A surrogacy agency has its pros and cons. While some surrogates and intended parents prefer to use an agency, others don’t. There are many options.

Pro: Surrogacy agencies match intended parents and surrogates.
A surrogacy agency’s biggest task is to match potential parents with surrogate mothers that meet their needs. This is a tricky aspect of surrogacy because many parents don’t know where to start to find the perfect match. The agency handles this for the parents and matches them.

Pro: Surrogacy agencies make appointments and share their experience.
It is important to have an agency that can help parents and surrogates with their paperwork, scheduling testing, and coordinating appointments for evaluations and procedures. This will make it easier for those not familiar with surrogacy. This can reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with surrogacy. Both surrogate moms and intended parents benefit from the experience of agencies.

Pro: Agencies facilitate compensation discussions.
Many surrogate mothers and their intended parents are uncomfortable talking about money and compensation. Agencies are usually a third party that acts as an intermediary between surrogate mother and intended parents, helping to facilitate the compensation discussions.

Pro: Surrogacy agencies handle escrow.
A surrogate agency is the best choice for having an outside party handle all monetary transactions between intended parents and surrogates. They act as escrow agents and manage all payments and reimbursements for surrogacy.

Con: Agencies can be very costly.
Surrogacy can be expensive. Surrogacy can be expensive for intended parents. Surrogacy can be expensive for many intended parents.

Con: Not all policies can be changed.
Some agencies have written policies regarding surrogacy compensation. It is difficult to negotiate a surrogacy payment that is higher or lower between intended parents and surrogate mothers. Agencies will not work with people who don’t agree with their policies, which can limit the options during match.

Con: Some agencies may be biased
Some agencies take sides in surrogacy, either by design or accident. An agency that was run by a surrogate mother may be more sympathetic to surrogates than intended parents. The likelihood is that an agency will be influenced by the money and will support the intended parents. This will make them feel like a third party.

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